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Desktop automatic blood cell staining device “Mini Stain”

 Nowadays most of the blood test process has been automated and much simplified like progressive hemocytometer. However as for counting white cell, microscopic test is still far more accurate and reliable than any other methods.

 Moreover, microscopic test by checking stained cells can provide the very important morphological information for diagnosis.

 “Mini Stain” can perform entire staining process automatically such as “Wright stain”, “Write - Giemsa stain” and “May-Giemsa stain”.

User friendly design

Mini StainMini Stain

 Once blood smear samples are placed in the staining basket, “Mini Stain” does staining, washing and drying by shifting them into different baskets automatically. No special technique is required. With “Mini Stain”, anyone can make perfect stained samples without fail. It efficiently can process up to 20 smear samples at once.

Touch panel controller

The setting operation is in touch panel.

 It can adjust staining time, washing time and drying time by using touch panel controller. It also displays the remaining time of staining process and notify with a buzzing sound when it’s completed.

Setting programs

Go through staining, washing and drying as standard procedure. Time of each process can be adjusted easily by touch panel controller.

Three custom process setting can be added. Programs for (1) “May-Giemsa stain” / “ Write - Giemsa stain”, (2) “Wright stain”, and (3) “Giemsa stain” are installed as initial condition. Customize the process by modifying up to 10 procedure steps. Staining, washing and drying time can be also adjusted.

Washing water supplying system from water tank

Water tank should be installed behind the main device and be filled with purified water. Washing water is supplied from the tank to washing chamber.

Desktop automatic stainer “Mini Stain”
:422mm W x 428mm D x 445mm H
Water supplying tank is included
:14 kg (device)
4.5 kg (water supplying tank)
Electric supply
:AC 100V~240±10%, 240 VA, 50/60 Hz
Environmental requirement
Optional color selection
:Device Color: Basic (White); Optional (Blue and Pink)
:Staining basket #75001 by Mutoh Chemical

*All specification could be changed without notice for product improving purpose.

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