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Industrial Automation Systems / Robotics

 We have been providing industrial automation system for broad range of clients in manufacturing and laboratory industry. We have developed and manufactured factory automation system for railroad, automobile maintenance and sheet metal processing also laboratory automation system for chemical production and analytical instruments as well as full automatic robotic transfer system for assembly and testing production line.

 Our automated packing and stacking system, automated tool assenting and descending system for sheet metal processing and welding and automated cutting system for disposal sheet metal enable relieving the worker from hard physical task and creating safer work environment without mentioning cost effective operation.

articulated robotarticulated robot
Automatic fusing sysytemAutomatic fusing sysytem
Coating machineCoating machine

 Operation involving with many manual processing can be benefited by introducing of automated system using articulated robot. For example, automated processing system for chemical use can set sample, heat and cool-treat and inject chemical into analyzing device steadily without risk of human error. It enables 24 hours operation and creating safer environment and more profitable business.

 For analyzing system, managing and storing analyze data from individual device for each sample could be hard task. By using PC controlled application for entire system, all data could be stored in one database and more manageable.

 Another good example of our success robotic system using combination of mechanical, electrical and software engineering advantage is transportation robotic system. We develop and manufacture transportation robotic system for Japan Railroad railway vehicle carrier which weighs more than 20t itself on top of 20t railway vehicle. For transportation of ultra-heavyweight item, The key is not moving part but stopping part because of moment of inertia. Our robotic system can manage to make over 40t carrier stop wherever you want and whenever you want.

 The secret of long life of coating machine. One day coating machine for circuit board dropped dead all of sudden after 20 years.
The battery died and wiped out all software information. Our electric engineer and software engineer teamed up and analyzed electric circuit, machine configuration and movement processing and came up with new original and improving version software system with new maintenance options which never existed before. Now the machine is working vigorously than ever before!

   With us, possibility is limitless for improving your business’s efficiency, safety, quality, reliability, profitability and success in your field.