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 It’s the compact size blood sampling tube sorting and transfer device which can transfer blood sampling tube from test rack to refrigerator rack automatically. It was developed for small to medium size medical facility use so the devise was designed not to take up too much space and user friendly.

 By just placing sampling tube rack in the device, “LS1000” sorts sampling tube according to next process and transport them to refrigerated storage automatically. dding this unit as part of entire testing process at the point where samples need to be sorted or transported, that eliminates time consuming manual work and risk of human error.

 When it receives the sample rack from previous process, it reads the barcode on the sampling tube and sends that information to control unit and receives instruction for transport location then transports tubes accordingly by transportation unit designed using XYZ axes.

 Another advantage of this system is saving time to find the sampling tube for re-testing since all information data is stored in control system and easy to find.


Detector for insufficient blood in sampling tube

 It can check the amount of blood in the sampling tube and detect sampling tube containing insufficient amount of blood for each test and remove from the rack automatically. Testing system cannot perform test correctly on insufficient amount of blood and only test result can tell that the sample has insufficient amount of blood.

 Afterward, then technician has to try to locate the sample and re-test it manually. Adding this option system at early stage of testing system, that can eliminate the possibility of insufficient samples to go through entire process, and that can sort then transport them to be manually processed promptly instead.

Optional setting

 It can sort and transport sampling tubes according to next processing, like storing in refrigerated storage unit, removing from testing system to be tested manually. Control unit can instruct the system to do different action for different purpose.

Combining units

 “LS1000” itself can process total of 150 sampling tubes at once, one 100 tube refrigerated unit rack and one 50 tube refrigerated unit rack. It can keep replacing the empty unit rack as needed. However some facility require processing more tubes or less change of storage unit, in that case combining units up to three units as option enable to process 450 sampling tubes at once. It also can speed up the processing by combining unit together: one unit process 300 tubes per hour, 2 units combined can process 500 tubes per hour and 3 units combined can process 675 tubes all together.

: 340mm W x 655mm D x 505mm H
: 36kg
: 100-300VA, 50-60Hz
Environmental requirement
: 15-32℃, 30-85%RH
Sample tube Size
: 75mm, 100mm
: Storage unit, Storage container

*All specification could be changed without notice for product improving purpose.