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Super Compatible IC

Have you got problems with discontinued IC?

 We have a solution!
 We have “Super Compatible IC”, surface mounted IC attachment replacing existing IC. It can simply attach to existing PCD without changing main circuit board or software.

What is “Super Compatible IC”?

 It is IC unit which has exact same function, pin location, mounting as original IC fabricated with replacing IC which widely produced and available on the market meaning least possibility of discontinuing. It can give significant advantage financially compare to redesign entire system also save time.

Either DIP type IC or surface mounted IC can be replaced with “Super Compatible IC”.

 For special function IC, it isn’t easy task to find replacement or produce compatible unit since their detailed information of function and design are protected most of time. However we design circuit using FPGA based on gathered technical information including datasheets or analyzation of system itself. Unit could be rather larger side but we still can accommodate for required size or mounting for your system.

 With our extensive knowledge and experience in electronic circuit design, printed circuit board artwork, FPGA and hybrid-IC production, we are confident in our ability to find the best solution for your problem with discontinued IC.